Members Registration

Special Benefits

The special benefits provided by the Korea-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KBCCI) to its members aim to enhance their business opportunities, knowledge, and networking capabilities. Let’s elaborate on each of the benefits:
  • Participation in Trade Fairs at Discounted Rates: KBCCI members enjoy the opportunity to participate in trade fairs organized by the chamber both in Bangladesh and Korea at discounted rates. This can significantly reduce the cost of exhibiting products or services, making it more financially feasible for members to showcase their offerings to a wider audience.
  • Priority Access to Seminars/Workshops at Special Rates: KBCCI members receive priority access to seminars and workshops organized by the chamber. Additionally, they benefit from special rates, making it more affordable for them to attend these events.
  • Exclusive Facilities Seminars/Workshops/Events: Apart from special rates, members may receive additional facilities during seminars and workshops, such as reserved seating, exclusive networking sessions, or access to materials and resources shared during the events. These privileges enhance the overall experience for KBCCI members.
  • Tailored Information: The chamber may offer personalized support, providing members with tailored business information based on their specific needs and interests. This customization ensures that members receive relevant and actionable insights to operate their businesses.
In summary, the special benefits provided by KBCCI to its members encompass discounted participation in trade fairs, priority access and special rates for seminars/workshops, and access to tailored business information services. These benefits are designed to empower members, fostering their growth, facilitating networking, and keeping them well-informed about business opportunities and industry developments in both Bangladesh and Korea.